I am a Lead Machine Learning Engineer and Consultant specializing in Natural Language Processing (NLP).

At hypersonix.ai, I am building a native conversational interface to enterprise business intelligence and analytics, with focus on Natural Language Understanding (NLU), Entity Extraction, Recommendations and Dialogue. Along with a small team of engineers based in California, US and Bangalore, India, we are bringing a Jarvis-like experience to the world of analytics.

About Hypersonix: An Artificial Intelligence (AI) startup in the data analytics space, Hypersonix Inc provides an easy-to-use natural language interface to BI, democratizing BI and enabling users unfamiliar with analytics tools to access intelligence with a click of a button or a natural language query. Hypersonix Inc raised $11.5 million in Series-A led by Intel Capital in May 2020: WSJ Article

Previously at vernacular.ai, I built in-house streaming and long-duration Automated Speech Recognition (ASR) engines in 10 Indian languages to replace Google’s ASR for on-prem deployment. I also built the Natural Language Understanding (NLU) and Dialogue Management components for handling conversations. Think Google Duplex, but in 10 Indian languages and in-house.

About Vernacular.ai: Vernacular.ai is a conversational AI startup in India working on call center automation. Vernacular.ai builds products that automates call center conversations to handle routine queries. In order to enable this, Vernacular.ai built a voice platform on multiple Indian languages with highly accurate in-house speech recognition models for each language with code-switching, speaker diarization. keyword spotting and intent identification.

I am an avid reader, blogger, engineer and a trekker.

I am available on email at contact@sujayskumar.com